Q: Who is a Notary Public?

A: A Notary Public is a public servant commissioned by the State of California authorized to prove the authenticity of signatures and administer oaths or affirmations.

Q: Why become a Notary Public?

A: You will be more valuable to your employer. Being a Notary Public is a great source of secondary income. Notary Public's are needed in Real Estate, Banking, Law and many other professions.

Q: How can I become a Notary Public?

A: In order to become notary you must meet the following requirements: • Be a resident of the State of California • Be 18 years of age • Complete a 6 hour State approved course • Pass a written examination • Complete a Notary Application • Pass a background check for both the FBI and the DOJ • No felonies or convictions • Notary Qualifications

Q: What do I need to know about the Notary State Exam?

A: Need to pass the Notary Exam administered by CPS proctors for the State of California. Out of 30 questions you must answer 21 correct achieving at least 70%. The exam is based on multiple choice questions.

Q: Will I receive proof I took the course?

A: Yes. Completing this course will meet the mandatory education requirements for new or re-commissioned Notary Publics. Once this course is completed you must fax, scan, email or postal mail the following:

     1) The Registration Form

     2) The Affidavit of Course Completion

     3) Photo copy of your identification

     4) Proof of Home Study purchase (valid for one individual only) These forms are included with the class material and once they are received your proof of   completion will be mailed to you.

Q: How can I schedule to take the State Exam?

A: You can schedule an exam date online . This test is scheduled thru Cooperative Personal Services (CPS). CPS is contracted by the State of California Notary Division to administer the Notary Public written test.

Q: How long does the state exam take?

A: The exam is 50 minutes with 30 multiple-choice questions.

Q: How soon will I get my state exam results?

A: Ten to fourteen business days after taking the exam you can check your exam results. If you have questions or difficulty, please contact CPS at 916-263-3520, Monday-Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm.

Q: What is the passing percentage on the State exam?

A: You have to have a score of 70% or higher.

Q: How soon can I begin notarizing?

A: About 8 to 10 weeks after you take your LiveScan fingerprints you will receive your Notary Commission in the mail form the Secretary of State. To start notarizing documents you will first need to file a bond and oath of office with the county recorder's office in your principal place of business. Please note that commission does not become active until the oath and bond are filed with the county clerk's office. Once this step is completed and you have all your notary supplies you can begin notarizing documents. More information about this is provided in the course

Q: I am already a notary. Is this course required to renew my certification in California?

A: The Renewing Notary Public who has already taken the 6 hour course can take the approved 3 hour refresher educational course specifically designed for renewing Notary Publics. In order to meet the requirements for the 3 hour refresher course, you need to apply for reappointment of your notary commission before your current commission expires. If the current commission expires before the application is made for a new commission, the person applying will need to take an approved 6 hour course before being reappointed as a Notary Public.

Q: How early can I take the course and exam before my renewal date?

A: You can take the three or six hour course as early as 6 months prior to your commission expiring.

Q: What must I bring to the state exam?

A: You must bring your application, driver license or passport, a 2" x 2' color passport photo, two #2 pencils and a check or money order payable to the Secretary of State for $40.00. The proctors will not accept cash or credit cards.

Q: How do I contact you?

A: You can reach us at: California Notary Academy PO Box 729, Oakley, California 94561. Office: 925-234-8897 Fax: 925-401-9524